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On the subject of Music

I put together a playlist of songs recently under the banner “Superhero, Geeky & Musicals”. It combines things like most of John Williams‘ superhero themes, Danny Elfman’s theme to Batman, and a song or two from Disney musicals (no, not … Continue reading

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Knitting update and other miscellany

Scarf-Watch 2014 We’re long overdue an update on “Scarf-watch 2014″… the last time we saw the scarf on this blog, it had barely made it a few inches… well, it’s progressed a bit… When I say a “bit” I mean … Continue reading

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Quick Update

Since… er… February… I’ve changed jobs – Yes, working 60+ hours a week in a job I wasn’t particularly deriving any satisfaction from is not good for your health or well-being. The new job is a lot better. Many movies … Continue reading

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Two months…

So, two months ago today, I gave up this little bugger: (caffeine, incase you were wondering…) Mostly, because of this: The effects seem to be generally positive. I’m actually sleeping properly for a change, and I’m surprised to find myself … Continue reading

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Catching up…

So, where were we last then? Oh yes, shortly after The Dark Knight Rises was released… Cripes, that was only a month ago? Been a pretty hectic really… got to head out to The National Eisteddfod to record Yr Haclediad … Continue reading

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The Media Show – Episode #4

So I had massive ammounts of fun joining Russ Clewett (@sfdrummer, and Karl Madden (@claw0101) for Episode 4 of British Tech Network’s Media Show alongside Paul Wheatley (@paulwheatley). It was pretty good fun, and the first time I’d been a … Continue reading

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Oxford & Board Games

So I had a trip up to Oxford over the weekend, where I had a chance to bimble about the City with Dan Q seeing all the bits I remembered from Inspector Morse and Lewis. Had a quick look around … Continue reading

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Teithio a Rhannau Cyhoeddus | Traveling and Public Parts

[en]So, I’ve been on the go quite a bit lately… as I type, I’m listening to the rain lash down on an already sodden DĂșn Laoghaire (I’m out here for the week with work, staying at the rather nice Fitzpatrick … Continue reading

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Gadael Gweplyfr | Leaving Facebook

[cy]Dros y penwythnos, ddaru mi penderfynu o’r diwedd i gloi’n cyfrif ar Facebook.[/cy] [en]So, this Sunday I finally hit the ‘Deactivate My Account’ button on Facebook.[/en] [cy] Pam? Fyswn i’n hoffi dweud bod o dros ryw reswm ideolegol, neu fy … Continue reading

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Wythnos yma mewn Llyfrau Llafar | This Week in Audiobooks

[cy]Gan fod fy ngwaith yn cadw fi’n teithio yn reit aml, gwnes i ymuno cynnig ‘Un Llyfr y Mis’ oddi wrth Audible (diolch yn bennaf i gynnig TWiT). Bore ‘ma, daeth syniad i mi, yn lle ysgrifennu tamaid arall blin, … Continue reading

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