Vista/PC Suite Bluetooth Oddities

PC Suite Connected

I was slightly puzzled yesterday when I spotted the above message from PC Suite. You might wonder why, as it’s just saying that Ratbert (my phone) has connected via bluetooth. The problem is, Ratbert was in pieces infront of me (battery out, SIM out).

I did a scan for bluetooth devices using my Blackberry, then using my Nokia and found only one device had active bluetooth (my coworker’s phone), and that was named something completely different.

Given PC Suite was using Windows’ bluetooth stack, I worked on the premise that the fault lay at the door of Windows, so I gave it a little poke.

A search for active devices revealed:

Vista Search for Active Devices

You may ask “what’s wrong with that scan?”. Well…

  • The Blackberry had its bluetooth disabled at the time of the scan.
  • Wally (my old phone) is off, in a drawer, 25 miles away.

Clever that…

It gets weirder, I removed Wally from list of trusted devices and scanned again:

Found Wally again...

It seems to have picked it up again and implies it can be paired with.

Anyone else experienced simmilar oddities when dealing with Bluetooth?


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2 Responses to Vista/PC Suite Bluetooth Oddities

  1. Scatman Dan says:

    IIRC, paired devices are always shown in that panel if and only if no devices are found by the scan. Quirky, sure.

    Not sure why you’d get the balloon tip, though.

  2. Bryn_S says:

    IMHO, it should only list devices it has actually found in the scan. Otherwise it misleads the user to thinking that the device is actually there and visible.

    If it needs to show ones it’s contacted before, they should appear in a separate payne to give the user an indication that these devices have been communicated with, but aren’t necessarily available.


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