Coming Out

Friends, I have something terribly important and sensitive to tell you all. It’s taken a while for me to get here and I will confess to being more than a little scared to post this.

It all started a few months ago, when something caught my eye on a trip around Chester. Yes, I’d thought about it a bit before, but I’d dismissed those thoughts and carried on as I was. The truth, as I see it now is that those thoughts never went away. So I gave in, and for a brief time I was happy.

I thought it would end there, that I could carry on with my life and. It didn’t, and the same thing happened at the Trafford Centre (twice infact). The more times it did, the happier I was.

Until yesterday.

I’d decided, after a really bad morning that things couldn’t go on. I had to face the truth and make a stand once and for all. This brings us to where we are now.

My friends, I’m a Mac user.

Yes, it’s a bit of a shock. I’ve tried living with Windows and with Linux, but it just isn’t who I am. I have to be honest with myself and move on with my life. I have a very shiny Macbook Pro in my life now, and I’ve never been happier.

I hope you can all support me during this difficult (and shiny) transition.


About bryns

Gîc Cymraeg Defnyddiwr Mac Podledwr a ffotograffydd Welsh geek, Mac user, Podcaster and Photographer
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12 Responses to Coming Out

  1. Llef says:

    Oh Bryn! Mae hi wastad yn bwysig i fod yn driw i dy hunan, dwi’n falch i ti ffendio dy gartref ysbrydol yn y pen draw 😀

    — Translated by Bryn —
    Oh Bryn! It’s important to be true to yourself, I’m glad you’ve finally found your spiritual home 😀

  2. Carl Morris says:

    Bryn, efallai bydda i’n gallu dysgu sut i dderbyn dy benderfyniad yn y dyfodol ond dw i ddim yn barod eto.

    — Translated by Bryn —
    Bryn, maybe I can learn to accept your decision in the future, but I’m not ready yet.

  3. Aled Wyn says:

    Hwre! hen bryd hefyd! Mac PRIDE!

    — Translated by Bryn —
    Hurrah! About time too! Mac PRIDE!

  4. fiona says:

    I wish to add my congratulations on your bravery of comming out, it is a little more complicated as a married couple. However it is an issue kit and i are working through at the moment, we may have a summer frolic and see where that takes us.

    — Cyfieithiad gan Bryn —
    Faswn i yn hoffi ychwanegu dymuniadau gorau i ti am fod digon ddewr i ddod allan, mae’n rhywfaint mwy cymhleth fel cwpl sydd wedi priodi. Ond, dwi a Kit yn ceisio gweithio trwy’r peth ar hyn o bryd, efallai gawn ni rhywfaint o hwyl dros yr haf, a gweld lle da ni wedyn.

  5. Scatman Dan says:

    Ugh! You people sicken me! You people are just dirty. It’s just not natural, what you’re doing. I’m just glad there aren’t any children around for you to corrupt.

    Oh: you said that you’re Mac user. Sorry. Phew; that’s not so bad. For a moment there I thought you said that you were a Tory.


  6. Rory says:

    Lol that made my day, then Dan’s comment made my week (sorry Bryn!). I’m sure you and your shiny MacBook Pro will have a nice time together 🙂

  7. Ruth says:

    Sorry, I’m just not ok with this. We all get these urges from time to time, but I don’t see why you can’t just distract yourself with something else until it goes away. I suggest gay sex for this purpose.

  8. Nic says:

    *high five*

    I’m really happy for you! I think we should have cake and beer to celebrate 🙂

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  10. Gareth Jones says:

    Da iawn ti Bryn!
    Dwi’n cofio’r diwrnod wnes i yr un peth. Dwi heb edrych yn ôl ers hyna. Mae pethau’n haws hefo Mac.

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