S4C eto… | S4C again…

[cy]Ges i gasgliad o ymatebion i’n golofn ar S4C, a buant nhw weddol debyg i’r canlynol:

1. Syniadau gwych!
2. Ma hawlfraint yn anodd…

Y peth trist yw, ges i’r ymatebion ‘na gan S4C. Ges i fwy o ymateb gan bobl sydd ddim a chysylltiad i S4C na ges i gan S4C.

Dwi’n deall bod hawlfraint yn anodd, a bod ‘na grwpiau mawr i gyd hefo agenda ei hunain, ond dwi fethu ond teimlo na bod hwn yn rhywbeth sydd angen ei delio gyda nawr, yn hytrach na ymhen rhyw flwyddyn neu ddau (pan fydd S4C efallai mewn sefyllfa waeth). Y teimlad gen i yw fysa S4C hyd yn oed yn gallu cael rhyw fath o help llaw gan y llywodraeth os buant nhw’n mynd gyda’r cynllun (gan ei bod nhw, i weld oeliaf, o blaid datblygu cwmnïau technolegol newydd). Mae’r grwpiau hawlfraint, cwmnïau cynhyrchu a’r actorion i gyd angen y darlledwyr cymaint a mae’r darlledwyr angen nhw, a bydd symud i fodel fwy eang o ddarlledu yn gwneud i’r cwmni edrych yn fwy perthnasol yn y byd teledu ar-lein.

Beth bynnag, bu tomen o gofnodion yn ddiweddar am S4C, gan gynnwys un gwych gan Rhodri Ap Dyfrig, ble mae o’n edrych i weld beth fysa dyfodol S4C yn gallu bod. A bod angen cyd-weithio gyda’r cwmnïau sydd â diddordeb yn yr achos i ddod lan gyda chytundeb i ryddhau’r cynnwys ar delerau boddhaol i bawb, a’r angen i symud i fod yn fwy na jest sianel deledu. Mae Rhodri wrth gwrs hefo’r fantais o fod yn rhan o grŵp strategaeth ddigidol S4c, sydd yn dod lan ac awgrymiadau rhywbeth flwyddyn nesaf. Dwi’n meddwl bod gan S4C y tîm iawn i’w cynghori nhw, ond dwi ddim yn hollol ffyddiog gwnânt nhw wrando…[/cy]

[en]My post on my ideas to rescue S4C sparked one of two reactions:

1. Great ideas!
2. Copyright is hard.

Sadly, I got both of those responses from S4C. I actually got more of a response from people who aren’t directly linked to S4C than I got from S4C itself.

Whilst I appreciate that Copyright negotiations are hard, and that there are vested interests from the rights holders, actors, actors unions and a whole array of other parties, I can’t help but feel that this is a bullet that needs to be bitten now, rather than in two or three years when S4C is in a much weaker position. My sense is that if S4C or a broadcaster were to pitch this type of negotiation to the Government, they’d be likely to get more support (since I imagine the Government would like to see the country develop slightly more high-tech broadcasting and media companies). Rights holders, production companies and actors groups all need the channels as much as the channels need them, and moving to a broader online model will mean the companies continue to look relevant as we all move to an on-demand, all you can eat viewing model.

In anycase, there’s been a flurry of blogposts lately, which included a fantastic piece by my friend Rhodri Ap Dyfrig, (in Welsh I fear, but you’re all able enough to feed it through Google Translate if you’re that bothered), in which he explores what he thinks S4C’s role could and should be. The need to work with the various interested parties to find an amicable copyright and licensing deal to allow new and existing content to be released online, and the need to broaden out just being a TV channel. Rhodri of course has the advantage of being part of S4C’s new digital strategy group, which is due to report next year. I think S4C have gathered the right people together, it remains to be seen though if they’ll actually listen now…[/en]


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