[cy]Efallai bod rhai ohonoch wedi clywed am y grŵp ‘Lulzsec’, sydd wedi llwyddo i dorri fewn i gyfrifiaduron cwmnïau enfawr o fewn i fis diwethaf. Yr ymateb gorau dwi wedi darllen yw’r un gan Patrick Grey o’r podlediad ‘Risky Business’, sydd yn siarad am ba mor ymfodlonus mae rhai cwmnïau pan bod diogelwch ei rhwydwaith a’i gwefannau yn cael ei drafod.[/cy]

[en]So some of you may have come across the group ‘Lulzsec’, who’ve chalked up a long list of high profile victims in the past month. One of the best reactions I’ve read to the whole thing is from Patrick Grey of the ‘Risky Business’ podcast, who comments on the complacency of some organisations when it comes to web and network security.[/en]

So for the last ten years I’ve been working in media, trying to raise awareness of the idea that maybe, just maybe, using insecure computers to hold your secrets, conduct your commerce and run your infrastructure is a shitty idea.

No one who mattered listened. Executives think it’s FUD. They honestly think that if they keep paying their annual AV subscriptions they’ll be shielded by Mr. Norton’s magic cloak.

[cy]Y tamaid gwnes i fwynhau fwyaf:[/cy]
[en]My favourite line:[/en]

Security types like LulzSec because they’re proving what a mess we’re in. They’re pointing at the elephant in the room and saying “LOOK AT THE GIGANTIC FUCKING ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM ZOMG WHY CAN’T YOU SEE IT??? ITS TRUNK IS IN YR COFFEE FFS!!!”

[cy]Darllenwch yr erthygl:[/cy][en]Read the whole article here:[/en] Risky Business – Why we secretly love Lulzsec.

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