Steve Jobs (1955-2011) Steve Jobs 1955-2011

[cy]Cyhoeddwyd bore ‘ma bod Steve Jobs wedi colli ei frwydr hir â chancr. Penderfynais gymryd foment i feddwl am ei ddylanwad ar y diwydiant cyfrifiadurol, ac ar gymdeithas. Beth bynnag yw eich barn ar Apple (dwi’n hoffi beth maen nhw’n gwneud), does dim ffordd i wadu ei ddylanwad ar y byd. Roedd lansiad yr Apple I yn 1976 yn herio’r farn bod cyfrifiaduron ond yn declyn busnes, lansiad y siopau cyfrifiaduron, lansiad yr iPod yn 2001, yr iPhone yn 2007 a’r iPad yn 2010 a’r her i’r hen syniadau o beth ydi’r cyfrifiadur a sut dylid fo edrych. Mae dylanwad Jobs i’w weld ym mhobman.

Fydda ni’n eich methu chi, Mr Jobs.[/cy]

[en]News hit the world today that Steve Jobs lost his long fight with cancer. I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on his contributions to the industry in particular and to society at large. Whether or not you like Apple (I happen to quite like their products), there’s no denying the Jobs’ impact on our world. The initial release of the Apple I back in 1976 challenged the perception that computers were tools of business, through to the launch of their retail stores, the launch of the iPod in 2001, the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010 as well as challenging the preconceptions about what a computer was and how it should look. Jobs’ influence has pervaded every aspect of the industry.

Rest in peace Mr Jobs. You’ll be missed.[/en]

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