Oxford & Board Games

So I had a trip up to Oxford over the weekend, where I had a chance to bimble about the City with Dan Q seeing all the bits I remembered from Inspector Morse and Lewis. Had a quick look around the Bodlean library, which was unfortunately closed off in most places for graduation ceremonies.

Dan, Ruth and JTA also have one of the best board game collections of anyone I know, and we had a few rounds of two in particular – Hour Of Glory: Stronghold, and 7 Wonders.

Hour of Glory – Stronghold (4 players)
So three of you play Allied agents attempting to infiltrate a German bunker to steal inteligence. The 4th player takes on teh role of the Camp Commandant, and is responisble for trying to discover and foil your attempt to steal the intel.

Hour of Glory: Stronghold

The added factor is that at the end of the German’s move, the clock ticks down. The Allies have 60 minutes to steal enough intel and get out. Breaking through doors, killing guards and hiding bodies all take time (which is taken from the counter), limiting how much time you have to tackle the enemy.

Sentries can become alerted if you make noise or fail to kill them, and these “alert” tokens are collected by the Commendant, who can use it to call re-enforcements. However, if you’ve killed and disposed of the sentry before the Commendant gets there, the alert is lost and the Germans can’t call in re-enforcements. This adds to the feeling that the game is a little weighted towards the Allies. Still, a fun game, and running out of time at the end makes it quite tense.

7 Wonders (4-6 Players)
So you take on the role of a classical civilisation, and guide them from the 1st to the 3rd age, collecting and trading resources, building facilities and establishign trading routes. Resources are gathered in the 1st and 2nd ages, leaving the 3rd ages to building guilds. Military and economic strengh is accounted for and your civilisation can build its wonder in order to accrue victory points.

7 Wonders

It’s a pretty funky game, rather reminicent of Sid Mayer’s Civilisation series, albeit with smarter opponents, and less dodgy AI animations. The limiting of trading to your immediate neighbours adds an intersting twist, and it can be quite frustrating when the resource you need to finish your wonder is on the other side of the table.

It’s a really polished game, and forces you to consider carefully your priorities, as well as where you put your resources. Well worth a play.

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2 Responses to Oxford & Board Games

  1. ianthecool says:

    7 Wonders can actually be played up to 7 players, to stay true to the name. But yes, it is a really great game. We’ve played it countless times.

    I’ve never even heard of hour of glory, but it looks rather neat. Have you ever tried Memoir 44?

    • bryns says:

      Hey Ian. Not tried Memoir 44, I spotted it on the shelf at a cafe in Brussels the other day and thought it looked interesting. Will give it a go at some point 🙂

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