The Dark Knight Rises

People far more eloquent than me have said enough about the 12 people killed in the cinema shootings in Aurora, Colorado (If you need to catch up, my friend, Rob Williams has been covering the incident for The Independent, including reports That the shooter booby-trapped his own apartment ).

I can’t quite find the words to express how horrifying the whole thing is, and how something as innocuous as going to the cinema has turned into something truly terrifying.

It seems rather trite to say much more. I did go to see the film on Saturday and I enjoyed it. A good ending to the trilogy, and I hope Nolan has the good sense to leave it there.

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3 Responses to The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Jon says:

    Really? Going to the cinema is now ‘truly terrifying’?

    Fucking idiots who buy guns are ‘truly terrifying’, but I’d rather deal with that as legislation than start thinking something I do every week now has this ‘possible terrorism’ on it.

    • bryns says:

      Not for me, since you can’t buy assault rifles very easily in this country, but I can imagine that some people in the US are apprehensive about it at the moment…

  2. jonatkinson says:

    *label on it

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