Catching up…

So, where were we last then? Oh yes, shortly after The Dark Knight Rises was released… Cripes, that was only a month ago?

Been a pretty hectic really… got to head out to The National Eisteddfod to record Yr Haclediad in front of a live audience, which was nice. Talked rather a lot about apps, technology and the usual stuff I blather on about (mostly seemed to be around how an event like the Eisteddfod should have a technological legacy).

The particular highlight of the trip for me (other than getting to spend time with Sioned, Aled, Iestyn, Rhodri, Carl and the Haciaith crew, and meeting Osian for the first time) was getting to visit the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. It’s a pretty fun mini Doctor Who adventure down in Tiger Bay, and involves the group “helping” The Doctor escape the Pandorica (again…). Afterwards, you get to tour about various exhibits (including the outfits of all the previous Doctors, as well as David Tennant’s TARDIS control room). I was quite pleased with myself for managing to resist buying a full-sized cardboard cutout of Karen Gillan

Other than that, there was a trip to Oxford for Dan, Ruth & JTA’s summer party (which was jolly good fun), I missed out on the Great British Beer Festival (again) being tied up with work, and I’m still trying to write a best man speech for a wedding in 5 days…

Trips to Belgium, Alderney, possibly Germany and… er… Newcastle all in my future. FUN.

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Gîc Cymraeg Defnyddiwr Mac Podledwr a ffotograffydd Welsh geek, Mac user, Podcaster and Photographer
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