So I turned 30…

So I made it to 30. Egad.

Not quite sure what I was expecting to be honest, 30 feels much like 29. It seems the popular perception of people turning 30 is that they stress out about what they’re doing, their lives and how little they’ve achieved. I can’t say I experienced anything of the sort. It was just another Thursday.

What else? hmm…

  • I’ve been to Amsterdam and San Francisco
  • I’ve finally been to Legoland, on Star Wars Day no less…
  • I now have every official Bond movie ever released (No, I won’t buy the spoof Casino Royale, or the unofficial re-make of ThunderballNever Say Never Again)
  • I bought a three-piece suit
  • I paid off my Student Loan

About bryn

Gîc Cymraeg Defnyddiwr Mac Podledwr a ffotograffydd Welsh geek, Mac user, Podcaster and Photographer
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1 Response to So I turned 30…

  1. scatmania says:

    My thirtieth birthday came and went with some fanfare, but with little change. While I know plenty of people for whom 30 is likely to be a “big thing”, for me and you, it’s just… “another birthday”.

    Happy Birthday, anyway!

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