Star Trek Into Darkness

So I went to see “Star Trek Into Darkness” last night (yes, there is no colon in the middle of that… it is meant to be written as I’ve set it out) at the BFI IMAX.


Don’t worry… no spoilers time…

The returning cast are a lot more settled into their roles, Pine, Quinto and Urban all return with strong performances, and Zoe Saldana continues to be excellent as Uhura. They’re making the characters their own, but with just enough nods to their counterparts to keep the faithful happy (Quinto as Spock is just spectacular, delivering humor, darkness and passion in his portrayal, all whilst maintaining a cool Vulcan exterior). Cumberbatch excels as the villain of the movie, his delivery is outstanding, and the menace in his eyes is terrifying when delivering some of the film’s more villainous monologues.

If I have one gripe, it would be Alice Eve’s character (Dr Carol Marcus). The character is under-used in the movie, and scene where she appears in her underwear (not a spoiler… it was in the bloody trailer) is just gratuitous and a little ham-fisted when the rest of the story is lean and well-developed.

There are nice, subtle nods to the “classic” Star Trek series thought the story, things that fans of the whole franchise will pick up on, but they also don’t get in the way of people only just getting into it.

I know some hardcore fans who don’t like the reboot, but to me it’s been a welcome addition to the franchise that had gone massively wrong with the most recent incarnation (Star Trek: Enterprise).

I’ve no doubt there’ll be a third.

In summary, go see it… it’s great.

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1 Response to Star Trek Into Darkness

  1. scatmania says:

    Ruth and I also saw Into Darkness last night, and we were both really impressed. I agree with both of your concerns about Dr Marcus, but – in general – it was a great film, well-implemented, with wonderful “reboot-timeline-friendly” fan service to the original series of films.

    SPOILERS (ROT13): V guvax vg jbhyq unir orra orggre vs Xuna unq rfpncrq (vs gurl’q znantrq gb pbzr hc jvgu n gjvfg jurerol Fcbpx pbhyq fnir Xvex BE pncgher Xuna, naq pubfr gur sbezre), orpnhfr V’q ybir gb frr uvz nf n ivyynva ntnva: ur jnf gbgnyyl njrfbzr. V xabj gurl’ir grpuavpnyyl yrsg gur cbffvovyvgl bcra ol xrrcvat uvz nyvir, ohg erivivat uvz jbhyq erdhver na nggnpx ba Rnegu naq/be na vafvqr wbo, obgu bs juvpu jr’ir nyernql whfg frra. Vs gurl jnagrq uvz “ba vpr” sbe njuvyr ur pbhyq unir qevsgrq bss vagb fcnpr ba na hacbjrerq fuvc (ur cebonoyl qbrfa’g arrq zhpu vs nal yvsr fhccbeg), gb or sbhaq ol n ubfgvyr nyvra snpgvba va n yngre svyz, creuncf? Whfg zl gubhtugf.

    But yeah, an awesome film that we thoroughly enjoyed.

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