Cookies, the final frontier…

So on a wander around Forbidden Planet, I spotted some of Think Geek’s Star Trek Cookie Cutters. Looking at them, it occured to me that I was short of something interesting to do over the weekend, and cookies seemed like an interesting enough diversion…

I got to thinking how I’d go about making something slightly more complex than just the standard Starfleet logo provided in the pack, so I set my mind to building a cookie version of the communicator badge from The Next Generation:

TNG Logo in cookie form

TNG logo produced in cookie form

So, having rolled out the non-chocolate dough, I cut the base circle out of it using my stencil, then using the Starfleet logo cutter to cut out the space in the centre. I then cut out another Starfleet logo from the chocolate mixture, then lay it onto the pieces I’d cut out from the other. Seemed to work quite well.

The recipies for the mixtures can be found here: Chocolate and Biscuit.

Fun stuff.


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