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Scarf-Watch 2014

We’re long overdue an update on “Scarf-watch 2014″… the last time we saw the scarf on this blog, it had barely made it a few inches… well, it’s progressed a bit…

The scarf crosses the 6ft mark...

The scarf crosses the 6ft mark…

When I say a “bit” I mean about 6 feet… I haven’t decided yet if the final length will be 8, 10 or 12 feet.

In other news, I decided to taunt the Sun God Ra and wore shorts out to my visit to the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club for Day 12 of the Wimbledon championship. My sister had picked up some tickets for Court 1, and not needing an excuse to enjoy a “few” (*hic*) cups of Pimms, I tagged along for the ride. Not knowing a great deal about Tennis (or any sport if I’m honest), I was a bit lost trying to understand why people where cheering or groaning with various calls. However, one of the matches I got to watch was a doubles match featuring Thomas Enqvist & Mark Philippoussis Vs. Goran Ivanišević & Ivan Ljubičić (Part of the Gentlemen’s Invitational Doubles). The match was hilarious… each player was there to have a bit of fun and put on a show for the crowd, including but not limited to:

  • Trick-shots like serving the ball whilst facing in the wrong direction
  • Feigning injury and putting a chair at the net to return shots
  • Chasing the ball boys and girls around the court
  • Hitting the ball clean out of the stadium and contesting the “Out” call in John McEnroe style, asking for a Hawk-eye adjudication
  • Swapping back-and-forth across the net with other players to continue playing the ball
  • All four players at the net, passing the ball to each other at speed
  • Heading, or in some other way handling the ball over the net
  • One of the players going into the crowd to take part in pictures, whilst the other was returning balls from the other two, stealing a spectator’s hat, wearing it for a few returns and passing it to the other players whilst the ball was still in play

It was absolutely hilarious to watch, and the umpires and line judges all took part (with the umpire awarding points as if the trick-shots were in any way legitimate). Even as a non-tennis watcher, you’d enjoy watching those guys play… to get an idea of what it’s like… watch this YouTube video of Mansour Bahrami (pretty much the model for this kind of shenanigans):

Ra was displeased enough to send Tefnut to try and drown out SW19. My laughter however showed Ra the error of his ways, and he returned to bask us all in sunshine. It did result in me getting some funny looks from Security mind…

The South Bank!

Having long realised that Underground stations aren’t *that* far apart from each other in central London, I took a look at how far my new office is from Waterloo and noticed it was less than two miles (1.8 says Google Maps). I decided to therefore give walking a go… I have to say, it’s really nice (admitedly, it is the summer, I imagine it’s a lot less nice in winter…). Walking along the river up towards the Millennium Bridge whilst listening to theme songs from geeky movies is really enjoyable:

Early morning on the South Bank, heading towards St Paul%27s

Early morning on the South Bank, heading towards St Paul%27s


Given I now have a bit more time in the evenings, I’m hoping to be back on one of Russ Clewett and Karl Madden‘s tech podcasts. I KNOW!, you can finally listen to me ramble on about things I have no idea about in English, instead of the usual Welsh! So very exciting.

That’s pretty much it…



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