The Object

So I’ve had this half-baked idea in my mind for a science fiction one-shot screenplay type thing. I’ve put bits of it together in my head and got some of it down on paper. It’s mostly setting up shots, it’ll probably start falling down when I try to add dialogue…

[Scene 1 – Opening Scene, Suburban London Railway station]
Shot from opposite platform. Busy platform, people jostling each other. Camera focuses on portly, Middle-aged man (smartly dressed in an overcoat reading a newspaper). Being bumped by other commuters, but says nothing. Young couple stand unnecessarily close to him discussing a dinner party they’re hosting later as if he’s not there. Train pulls up.

[Scene 2 – Train interior – Man sat by Window]
On the train, man continues to read the newspaper, various noises and distractions around. Teenagers discussing school. Conversations in different languages. Tinny music on phone headphones.
— Camera tightens on man’s face — Sounds get louder as he rubs his temples –
— Noise stops as train announces arrival at London Waterloo —

[Scene 3 – Wide shot over London Golden Jubilee Bridge down-river – HoC & London Eye in Shot]
–Camera zooms to see the man crossing the bridge

[Scene 4 – Westminster]
Man walks down Westminster, walks into office building

[Scene 5 – Interior down corridor – Over the man’s shoulder]
Carpeted office hallway, Oak panels, people walking around carrying files, coffee etc.
Man walks down corridor, avoiding obstacles – no one notices him. He’s making his way towards elevators at the far end.

[Scene 6 – Standing in front of elevator doors – shot facing the elevator – Man has back to camera]
Camera switches to close up of the right-side of the man’s face in lower-right corner of screen
Noise of office grows louder. After a few seconds, the elevator bings and the noise stops.
Switch to scene 6 opening camera angle as doors close.

[Scene 7 – Inside elevator – over-the-shoulder shot]
He reads paper as elevator descends. After a few seconds, the elevator opens and he steps (camera follows) into a long concrete corridor, sparsely lit, with two soldiers at a guard post. He continues past them (they stand to attention). Camera switches to display board behind one soldier – WW2-style sign reads “Situation: Normal”

[Scene 8 – Main office interior]
Cramped, eclectically decorated office, four desks facing each other. Man enters through door, staff at desks look up. One stands and hands him a file. He reads, signs and continues to the door on the other side of the office

[Scene 9 – Control Room Interior]
Man enters, control room operator looks up:

Control Room Operator: “Sir”
Man: [nods] “Status?”

[Scene 10 – Interior cavern, focused on control room window — Man in view — Panning out to reveal cavern with massive metallic object in the center]

Control Room Operator: “No change Sir…”

[Cut to Title Card – Black with white text. Card reads “The Object”]

That’s pretty much it so far. It needs a bit of work. It’ll almost certainly fall over as soon as the dialogue kicks in… Thoughts or ideas welcome.


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3 Responses to The Object

  1. scatmania says:

    Too early to say, but so-far-so-good! Keep writing, let us know once you’ve got more story in place. 😉

    • bryns says:

      I’ve written the 11th scene now, which has some dialogue in it at least. Introduces the man a bit more (or “George” as we’ll know him from now on), and introduces another main character (Elizabeth Phillips).

      Still a bit nervous about the dialogue, not sure it sounds *that* convincing…

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