The Object (Scene 11)

The positive reaction to the first part of “The Object” lead me to write the next one, where we meet our two main characters. For reference, the interaction isn’t intended to be one of those cutesy “Will they/won’t they” type interactions…

We start to see some dialogue now… like I said, it’s likely that this is where my efforts fall over… thoughts and opinions welcome of course…

[Scene 11 – Black screen – white text – “Director’s Office – 09:38 GMT”]

Man sits behind heavy wooden desk reading a report. Subordinate sits opposite. Room is quiet. Low ambient hum. Subordinate fidgets and makes a noise. Man stops reading the report, looks over it. Subordinate stops fidgeting and returns to sitting quietly.

Man: “So the results of the weekend tests were inconclusive?”

Subordinate: “Yes sir, as you can seen from the shots in the file, we could observe no differences in the surface structure after each test. We also noted that the temperatures at the target sites remained constant, despite the discharge levels”.

Man: *continues to read*

Subordinate: “The other sensors within the chamber and surrounding areas also recorded no effect”.

Man: “Any other tests planned?”

Subordinate: “Some additional scans around the target sites, but nothing intrusive”

Man: “Good. That’ll be all.” *puts report aside, continues with other work*

Subordinate: (looks awkward. Gathers things): “Yes sir…”

Subordinate leaves. Buzzer sounds. Man presses a button on the desk

V/O: “Dr Phillips, Sir”

Man pauses

Man: “Send her in”

Door opens. Dr Elizabeth Phillips enters. Mid 30s, brightly dressed, wearing a lab coat. Brighter in demeanour than her boss, a lot more confident than the earlier subordinate.

Liz: “George!”

George: “Dr Phillips… the meeting was 9:30. I…”

Liz: “Oh, was it? Chris took you through the results though, didn’t he?”

George: “That’s not the…”

Liz: “It wasn’t like there was a *lot* to go over or anything…”

George: “yes… but…”

Liz: *talking over him* “Plus, some new equipment had arrived, and I really needed to supervise *that* so…”

George: *snaps* “Dr Phillips!”

Liz: *smiles* “Yes George”.

George: “We’ve discussed this, at length… these meetings are important, and as the head of research, you’re expected to attend. I would also appreciate it if you respected the operating guidelines and addressed me as “Sir” or “Director”…”

Liz: *mockingly* “Yes sir…”

George: “Thank you…” *grabs a report and continues to work*

Liz stays in her seat looking around the office. George looks up after a few seconds

George: “Was there something else?”

Liz: “YES! oh, I had such an amazing weekend… Kew Gardens…”

George: “Dr Phillips… please… I…”

Liz: “*such* beautiful flowers…”

George: “Doctor…”

Liz: “there was this orchid too… it reminded me of you actually… all shriveled and…”

George: *holds up hand* “Doctor Phillips… please, I’ve been more than polite, I really do need to get…”

Liz: *looks hurt* “But you didn’t tell me about your weekend…”

George looks exasperated

Liz: “fine… *next* time, I expect a full report”

Liz smiles, gets up and walk out.

Liz: “Good to catch up, Director” *mock curtsy, then leaves the room*


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