Story: Abandoned

​Another monologue… This time from a suggestion of “Abandoned”:

IsolEx Arctic Base: Daily Log:

It’s been 16 months now. Not a word from anyone anywhere. When I signed up for this Arctic Isolation Experiment, I thought “how difficult could it be?”

It’s helped a lot just talking to you. I know you’re not real, but it’s helped. I like to think someone is seeing this, that someone remembers I’m here. I found a lot of the cameras put in to monitor me. It was weird at first, then was a bit comforting, then it made me angry. I resented being their lab rat.

There’s someone out there, right? Back at base? Back at home? I’ve been trying the radio ever since the experiment was supposed to end, nothing but static. I sleep in the radio room now… well, you know that…. No. You don’t… you’re not real.

I sleep in the radio room. I’ll wake up in what passes for night to what I think is a voice, but it’s just static. I’m trying to keep it together, but it’s hard. I’m tired of having to dig myself out of the snow, of the radio, of the endless whiteness.

Someone has to be out there? Right? They said 12 months. That they’d come and get me.
I keep trying to remind myself of Chris, of why I’m doing this. He won’t have forgotten about me. You remember… no. You don’t. We needed the money… I guess people do stupid things for money. Did the treatments work? I want to see him again so badly. He wouldn’t abandon me here.


Unless it didn’t work. What if he’s dead? What if all of this was just a waste of time? He died without me by his side. I could have been there. Make him feel better.

I don’t want to be here anymore. I’m sick of it.

End of Log.

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