Mostly Indoors

I’ve been thinking about why I don’t really use this thing as much as I used to. I’ve tried a number of times and lots of what comes out feels like I’m trying too hard or that I’m writing for some imaginary audience. Having done that a lot, what I write comes off as pointless and a waste of everyone’s time. I’m trying to look at it in a new way, and writing for myself (or at least writing to get it out of my own head). Maybe that’ll get things going again…

Since last time…

Like a lot of folks, I’ve been mostly indoors for the last 40+ days. Most of that time has been by myself. The surgery I mentioned in my last update had meant I was still seeing a doctor twice a week for dressing changes. That stopped about a week ago so I’ve been left with myself for company. For the most part, it’s been okay. Been cooking and baking a fair bit, and I’d like to think I’m getting better at it.

Windowsill Garden

Window Garden

A few of the recipes I’d been looking at had included the standard array of herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, Basil etc) and I’d seen displays at M&S and Waitrose offering to sell you either the cut versions in a packet and a plant to take home and grow yourself. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and now I have an array of them in my living room.

I’d bought Thyme, Coriander and Basil as plants from Waitrose, and just re-planted them inside a larger container. They didn’t do particularly well. Mostly, it seems a significant number of each had been packed into the containers, and were starving each other. Having had success in reviving the Thyme (by removing most of its immediate neighbours), I did the same with the basil and coriander. They’re now doing pretty well. I’ve also now started growing mint, and re-growing a leek and spring onions from off-cuts (although at the moment I’m not thinking the leek will be a permanent fixture – it’s a pretty big thing to be growing).

A mad impulse took me, and I’ve also put some chilli seeds into some soil and a bag to see about growing a chilli plant. No idea what’ll become of it, but it’s kinda fun to see how it all works and rather satisfying to see something alive and growing.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to make use of it all whilst cooking.

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1 Response to Mostly Indoors

  1. Dan Q says:

    I, for one, really appreciate that you continue to (occasionally) post here. Compared to other mechanisms by which we routinely communicate, your blog posts:

    (a) are presented in a different format (long form, considered, more thought-out, by way of their medium),
    (b) are unmissable (because they’re tracked atomically by my reader there’s no risk of them getting lost among the noise, and I know they’re less “throwaway” than e.g. a comment in a WhatsApp group), and
    (c) have a feeling of permanence – whether or not they remain “here” forever, the ability to easily look back, to search for, to cross-link is valuable to me

    In short, they’re better, harder-to-lose, and easier to keep than much of what I hear you say.

    That all said, you shouldn’t write “just for me”. I’ve hinted before, mostly in quoting others, that you should write for you. You should write because independent creation is in itself a good in a world increasingly full of “social” reposts. You should write because it makes self-reflection easier and personal growth visible. And to take others’ words: you should blog because it expresses your independence, and right now in particular you should blog because in trying times, it’s therapeutic.

    You should blog “for you”. That I’m glad you do so is a fringe benefit.

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