Cooking Videos!

I’ve long toyed with the idea of making videos, but could never work out what they should be. Since I’ve found myself with a significant amount of free time and mandate to stay at home, I ended up going through a box of random tech bits and rediscovered the wall mount for my GoPro.

An idea struck me.

Making Soup

I stuck the camera to the wall unit housing the extractor hood in my kitchen and was able to attach the GoPro to it. This gave me a good wide-angle view of the kitchen hobs and a bit of prep area each side. I then shot and edited this video of me making soup.

I’d thought of shooting it for Instagram TV, but their videos are shot portrait mode, and cropping the shot for that format didn’t do a great deal. The full-frame video got posted instead to YouTube.

Me making soup with Potato, Sweet Potato and Carrot

I muted out the audio from when I shot it (a lot of noise from the extractor fan and Encore Radio playing a lot of songs from Lloyd-Webber musicals. I recorded a voiceover for it, and whilst it lacks energy, I still had fun putting the whole thing together.

Might do more of these, and figure out a better way to do the audio. I’d like to do one for a chicken & chorizo jambalaya (one of my favourites). The visual transformation once the rice has finished cooking is quite something.

No promises.

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Gîc Cymraeg Defnyddiwr Mac Podledwr a ffotograffydd Welsh geek, Mac user, Podcaster and Photographer
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1 Response to Cooking Videos!

  1. Dan Q says:

    You could simultaneously record audio from two sources (e.g. mobile phone and GoPro): be sure to “clap” visibly to the GoPro (in leiu of a clapperboard!) to help syncing later. Then you can sync it up in post. Just mute your music when you want to say something relevant, and mute _everything else_ while editing (except at those times).

    Or only listen to CC music while you’re cooking, I suppose? Either way I can’t help with the extractor fan.

    Great angle though!

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