Time Flies

My 2nd attempt at sowing chilli seeds took. It turns out the secret is not to plant them in waterlogged compost. Lesson learned. Four of the row I put down sprouted and are now planted in individual pots on my windowsill. I’m not sure all four will stay, I’m really just trying to maximise the odds of ending up with a viable plant.

Picture of a chilli seed having sprouted and grown a small stem with two leaves.
Green Shoots: The chilli seeds have sprouted!

The garden on the window sill is still a big help at the moment. My friend Sioned had also sent me some Dill seeds, which have also sprouted and started to grow at a pleasing rate. These represent the first time I’ve actually managed to start growing something from seeds.

The new planters from my birthday have also proven to be a big hit, with the rosemary and thyme showing good signs of new growth, and now the Basil has been planted in the second planter. Lots learned from the first attempt, which I’m hoping means I can end up with a far more sustainable garden in the future.

The other thing I’m trying it to temporarily lock myself out of my own Twitter account. The mechanics of how aren’t that important, but I’m curious to see how I’ll feel after being away from it for a while. It’ll be posting links from here, but I won’t be checking at-replies or DMs for a while at least.

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Gîc Cymraeg Defnyddiwr Mac Podledwr a ffotograffydd Welsh geek, Mac user, Podcaster and Photographer
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