Podcasting for a while…

October 25th of this year marks 10 years of one of my favourite projects. Yr Haclediad is a monthly tech-focused podcast in Welsh, and is possibly the oldest (still-running) podcast in Welsh. I’m one of its three co-hosts (with Sioned and Iestyn). We’d come together through an earlier project, and since then have gone on to record 86 episodes. They’ve evolved somewhat to talk about pop culture and how tech permiates all of our lives.

Yr Haclediad – possibly the most “us” photograph that exists (Credit: Rhodri Ap Dyfrig)

Weirdly, we’ve known; worked with; and become close friends over 10 years despite only having met in person a handful of times (I would be surprised if we’ve met more than 10 times IRL in the whole time we’ve known each other).

British Podcast Awards: Best Podcast in the Welsh Language (2020 Nominations)

All this is prelude to the exiting news this week that the show was short-listed in the new category Best Welsh Podcast at the 2020 British Podcast Awards. The others being Siared Secs (Talking Sex – A series discussing sex, sexuality and relationships) and Dwy Iaith, Un Ymenydd (Two Languages, One Brain – exploring bilingualism and heritage).

It’s weirdly satisfying to me that our low-budget show has managed to be short-listed against two BBC-produced podcasts. We record ours over a Skype call (we started with Skype, switched to Google Hangouts, and now back on Skype), each of us recording our own audio and everything getting synced up during post-production. Our equipment has improved gradually over 10 years. I remember having to buy a basic USB headset because I got a really bad distortion when a microphone and the power cable were both plugged in together on my old Dell laptop.

We’d planned to get together to record our 10th Anniversary Show in person, but that seems unlikely at this stage (given the ongoing crisis). I’m looking forward to doing more shows with Sioned and Iestyn in the future. This project means a lot to me.

The awards are July 11th. Whatever happens, I’m happy that I still get to talk nonsense with my friends.

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  1. Dan Q says:

    That’s awesome! Well done, and good luck!

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