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“Those Pesky Kids with their swearing…”

I was recently pointed in the direction of an op-ed piece written in the Welsh-language magazine “Barn” (Opinion) written by Emlyn Evans (those not familiar with the language can read a roughly translated version here… it makes almost as much … Continue reading

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s a review…

So, managed to make it over to the cinema over the weekend to watch the latest attempt at a Superman movie “Man of Steel“. I had high hopes for this one, all of which are sadly unfulfilled. It’s a good … Continue reading

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Two months…

So, two months ago today, I gave up this little bugger: (caffeine, incase you were wondering…) Mostly, because of this: The effects seem to be generally positive. I’m actually sleeping properly for a change, and I’m surprised to find myself … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Rises

People far more eloquent than me have said enough about the 12 people killed in the cinema shootings in Aurora, Colorado (If you need to catch up, my friend, Rob Williams has been covering the incident for The Independent, including … Continue reading

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S4C eto… | S4C again…

[cy]Ges i gasgliad o ymatebion i’n golofn ar S4C, a buant nhw weddol debyg i’r canlynol: 1. Syniadau gwych! 2. Ma hawlfraint yn anodd… Y peth trist yw, ges i’r ymatebion ‘na gan S4C. Ges i fwy o ymateb gan … Continue reading

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Achub S4C | Saving S4C

[cy]Mae’n ymddangos bod S4C yn debygol o ddioddef cryn dipyn oherwydd y drafferth ariannol sy’n wynebu’r wlad. Mae’r llywodraeth yn cynllunio i drosglwyddo cyfrifoldeb am S4C i’r BBC, ac yn ôl rhai dwi’n siarad hefo, does gan dîm rheoli S4C … Continue reading

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Cut Movie

Today saw the launch of the Women’s Aid Cut Movie video campaign on the World-wide-web and Television. Featuring Keira Knightley, it seeks to raise awareness of domestic violence. Having worked previously with the Amnesty International:UK Stop Violence Against Women campaign, … Continue reading

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Vista/PC Suite Bluetooth Oddities

I was slightly puzzled yesterday when I spotted the above message from PC Suite. You might wonder why, as it’s just saying that Ratbert (my phone) has connected via bluetooth. The problem is, Ratbert was in pieces infront of me … Continue reading

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