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The AirWaves Podcast – Ep 20

So I got invited by my friend Russ Clewett to appear on The AirWaves podcast, where I managed to ramble on (semi-coherently) about various media issues and upcoming TV. Some of you have apparently wanted to hear me do a … Continue reading

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Quick Update

Since… er… February… I’ve changed jobs – Yes, working 60+ hours a week in a job I wasn’t particularly deriving any satisfaction from is not good for your health or well-being. The new job is a lot better. Many movies … Continue reading

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Cookies, the final frontier…

So on a wander around Forbidden Planet, I spotted some of Think Geek’s Star Trek Cookie Cutters. Looking at them, it occured to me that I was short of something interesting to do over the weekend, and cookies seemed like … Continue reading

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Star Trek Into Darkness

So I went to see “Star Trek Into Darkness” last night (yes, there is no colon in the middle of that… it is meant to be written as I’ve set it out) at the BFI IMAX. Don’t worry… no spoilers … Continue reading

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