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Thank you Mams

I figured it was high time to get back into the habit of writing regular blog-posts. I wish I could proffer any form of reason or excuse as to why I’ve not been doing so, half the battle for me … Continue reading

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Vista/PC Suite Bluetooth Oddities

I was slightly puzzled yesterday when I spotted the above message from PC Suite. You might wonder why, as it’s just saying that Ratbert (my phone) has connected via bluetooth. The problem is, Ratbert was in pieces infront of me … Continue reading

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Can’t the Government keep bits of paper safe?

We learn today that a computer was stolen from the constituency office of Hazel Blears (who looks to me like she’s permanently trying to suck the seeds out of a lemon). This in itself wouldn’t be big news as such, … Continue reading

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My site is back…

Many weeks after‘s host suffered SERVERDEATH, I’ve managed to transfer the thing to a new host. I have got the old posts, but I can’t be arsed to transfer them in. Part of me wondered about restoring it at … Continue reading

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